Liquid Group

Our Solutions.

Our Solutions

Liquid Group offers payment solutions in 3 main areas:
Corporate Payments, XNAP Network and Liquid Pay.

We seek to makes payments as seamless and borderless as possible for our partners.

Corporate Payment Services

Corporate Payment Services

Liquid Group offers B2B and B2C payment solutions for corporates, marketplaces, as well as trade and logistics platforms. We provide faster and economic domestic and cross-border payments through competitive wholesale FX rates with multiple payment modes available, such as corporate QR payments, direct debit, and bank transfers.  

Through our direct connection to FAST and PayNow, we provide real-time collection and payment of invoices and payroll payouts for Singapore businesses today. 

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XNAP Network

XNAP is an interoperable cross border QR payments network. XNAP integrates and connects e-wallets, bank apps, and national payment networks across multiple markets worldwide.

Leveraging on rapid advances in optical technology, the XNAP QR payments network supports more innovative and richer consumer experiences.

LiquidPay App

LiquidPay app is a QR payment app that allows you to pay quickly, easily, and redeem deals hassle free. Enjoy multiple payment options including credit card, stored value wallet, and digital vouchers. LiquidPay app is also connected to PayNow, allowing you to send and receive fund transfers instantly via the PayNow network.  

LiquidPay transactions are protected by advanced security and encryption technology.