For Marketplaces

Global B2B Commerce

We facilitate domestic and cross-border B2B payments for marketplaces by collecting, safeguarding in escrow, and paying in close to real-time between buyers and sellers. Whether it is accepting payments from customers around the world or sending funds to your sellers, our solution ensures smooth and cost-efficient transactions.


Accept Payments from Anywhere

Accept payments through various methods your customers trust. The Online Payments Solution will allow your E-Commerce website to accept PayNow Corporate, bank transfers, credit cards, and e-wallets QR payments from around the globe on our Hosted Payment Page.


Competitive FX rates

Enjoy lower cost with tighter FX spread from Live Interbank Rates Onshore Trades.


Secure Revenue Margin

SMEs and Marketplaces are enabled to price and accept payments in their preferred currency. This reduces FX fluctuation risks and secures fixed revenue margin in seller’s preferred currency.


Painless Integration

Integrating our Hosted Payment Page to your existing infrastructure is a breeze. We offer multiple integration options, including APIs and easy-to-install plugins.



PayNow for Business

We can enable PayNow as a payment acceptance option for your business by setting up a PayNow Virtual Payment Account (VPA) proxy and generating unique PayNow QR codes for each entity linked to their Unique Entity Number (UEN).