Corporate Payment Platform

LiquidNow provides a comprehensive range of payment services to both local and offshore companies, helping them navigate the complexities of global commerce and enhancing their competitiveness with faster payments and live FX pricing.

Support real-time collections and payments across multiple countries and currencies with a global payment account.


  • Multi-Currency Payment Account
    Pay your vendors, customers and employees instantly in their preferred currencies

  • Live FX
    Take advantage of our competitive Live onshore FX rates and enjoy tight FX spreads

  • Faster Payments & Pay-outs
    Enjoy the ease and speed of local and cross-border real-time transfers

Corporate Payment Platform (CPP) - for local and international payments

Global B2B Payments

Pay your vendors, suppliers, business partners in a secure and cost-efficient way, both locally and around the world through a simple API integration or a secured payment portal.

Global Pay-outs

Effortlessly pay employees anywhere with confidence and speed via PayNow, bank account and international payment methods.

Our Value Proposition

Real-time Domestic and Cross-border Funds Transfer
Global Payment Account with Multi-currency Business Accounts
Live FX rates for X-border payments and collections
Easy API-based integration into companies’ enterprise systems
Self-service portal with role-based authorization to ensure data confidentiality