Grow your business with Liquid Group and PayNow. 

LiquidPay can enable PayNow acceptance!


PayNow is a Singapore funds transfer service that allows consumers and businesses to send and receive payments in real time.

Companies can enrol in Corporate PayNow simply by linking their Singapore corporate bank account to the company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN). Payers can make payment by entering the company’s UEN, or by scanning the corporate PayNow QR code.

Upon a successful payment, the funds will be transferred to the linked corporate PayNow bank account and the credit will be reflected in the bank statement. Merchants can also be notified on successful payments via Liquid’s Merchant App.

PayNow is part of SGQR, Singapore’s unified QR label.


Multiple payment acceptance in one terminal

QR payments has a constantly evolving market landscape. Be future-proof with our merchant software that enables you to accept multiple local and foreign QR payment apps in one terminal, including PayNow Corporate.

Grow your business

Tap into our growing network of connected partners to offer highly targeted offers to specific user groups, providing an improved customer experience and driving meaningful and sustainable business growth.

Run campaigns easily

We are an integrated customer engagement and payments platform, making it easy for you to manage sales and marketing initiatives so that you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

Convenient checkout

Give your customers a seamless customer experience with offers and cards all on one platform. No more fumbling with pin codes, paper vouchers or membership cards.

Secure payments

Secure tokenisation and advanced encryption solutions combined with cutting-edge fraud detection reduce risk for you and your customers, giving you peace of mind.

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