• Singapore mobile payment platform redefines the payment proposition and purchase experience for consumers, merchants and banks
  • The LiquidNet open API platform allows banks, mobile app developers, enterprise system integrators as well as digital service providers to collaborate and develop interoperable open loop payment services
  • Platform features include a patent pending Pricing Engine which supports dynamic pricing and discounts, as well as Mobile Payment Workflow Libraries for automated store front payments

Singapore, November 24th 2016 – Liquid Pay, a mobile payment platform that integrates payments with price discovery and discounts, officially launched in Singapore today.

With a full suite QR code-based Acceptance Workflow Library, Liquid Pay helps consumers, merchant verticals and financial institutions create new payment services, rules, interactions and experiences and drive value to consumers through its dynamic pricing engine.

The launch of Liquid Pay further expands Singapore’s range of cashless payment options as the nation works towards becoming an inclusive and innovative electronic payments society.

“Singapore is aiming to be a truly cashless society, and we believe Liquid Pay is well placed to support and propel this initiative. As a start, we are rolling out Liquid Pay to a range of food and beverage (F&B) institutions in Singapore and are working closely with government bodies and trade associations to increase access to the F&B sector,” said Jeremy Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Group. “In addition, we believe that the Liquid Pay automated store front payment features can help the service industry maximise productivity and business outcomes by simplifying the service workflow and checkout payment experience

Liquid Pay enables the payment of goods and services seamlessly and conveniently via smartphones. By adding their credit and debit cards onto the Liquid Pay app, consumers are able to compare the various card discounts and merchant rewards when making payments. Merchants accept payments via QR codes without the need to upgrade equipment or make any costly upfront investment. Merchants and banks can also deepen engagement with customers by extending dynamic, real time, hyper-personalised promotions and offers.

“We are driving what we term “interoperable innovation”. With our LiquidNet Open API Platform, we enable interoperability between digital app services, enterprise systems and bank payment platforms.” said Matthew Quinlan, Chief Technology Officer for Liquid Group. “Built using the latest advanced technologies we incorporate state of the art security, authentication and fraud management systems to support large scale deployments.”

Liquid Pay’s robust architecture also enables banks and merchants to introduce e-cards (pre-paid, debit, credit, discount and gift cards) instantaneously, with contextual data analytics for deep consumer insights. Liquid Pay users will be able to enjoy incredibly targeted and dynamic discounts and promotions.

Benefits of Liquid Pay

  1. Dynamic Pricing and Rewards for Consumers

With Liquid Pay’s Dynamic Pricing Engine, discounts and rewards opportunities are built into the purchasing experience. This allows customers to compare the various discounts offered by their credit and debit cards and/or flash deals offered by the merchants. The selected discount or deal will be automatically deducted from the purchase price when they use the app to make payment.

  1. Frictionless payment workflows for Merchants and Consumers

Merchants and consumers can tap into Liquid Pay’s suite of cashless and cashierless payment workflow products, such as Pay@Table, Pay@Counter and Pay@Bar, and make ordering, closing the bill and the checkout experience frictionless and more efficient.

  1. LiquidNet Open API Platform

Liquid Pay’s open payment platform provides a secure and scalable framework to interoperate between native mobile apps, core enterprise systems, digital service providers as well as banking payment, clearing and settlement platforms. With the common API platform, Liquid Pay aims to improve the customer payment and purchasing journey across multiple services and over different industry verticals.

How It Works

  1. Consumers add their credit and/or debit card to the Liquid Pay app on their iOS or Android device.
  2. To pay for their purchase at checkout, consumers scan the merchant’s individual QR code at the point of sale with Liquid Pay’s QR code reader.
  3. Consumers can then view the savings, offers and rewards available with different payment methods, select the most beneficial one for that particular purchase and complete their transaction.

Where is it available

Liquid Pay has just successfully completed trials at select hawker stalls in Bukit Timah and Tiong Bahru Markets, F&B outlets at One-North/Galaxis and all Spinelli Coffee Company outlets. Deployment to 30 more hawker centres and multiple F&B chains is expected to complete before the end of the year, with the target of 25,000 acceptance points in Singapore within 12 months.

Liquid Pay is also on track to launch in Thailand and Malaysia in Q1 2017.

About Liquid Pay

Liquid Pay is a mobile payment network designed to make payments easier, faster and more rewarding.

We bring consumers on a personalized journey of discovery with choices from the widest array of digital payment options. To enjoy and explore discounts driven by our dynamic pricing engine. To buy anything, from anyone, from anywhere – safely and securely.

Our merchants can offer virtual prepaid or gift cards as well as digital payment acceptance at near zero infrastructure costs, be it in-app, in-store, on-the-go or on the multiple new mediums within the Internet of Payments ecosystem.

We enable financial institutions to issue and accept virtual payment e-cards linked to bank accounts, prepaid, debit or credit facilities. With no physical card or terminal hardware, we help unlock new market segments while driving pervasive financial inclusion. We offer financial institutions the freedom to write their own payment rules, to innovate on our platform and fully control their own payment services and economics.

Liquid Pay combines mobile, cloud processing with state of the art security, fraud management and authentication technologies to bring the next generation of payment services to our customers.

Liquid Group, the company that owns Liquid Pay, was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Singapore, with offices currently in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Liquid Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Korvac Holdings Pte. Ltd, an investment holding and payments specialist founded in 1999.

For more information, visit www.liquidpay.com

For more information regarding LiquidNet Open API Platform, visit developer.liquidpay.com

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